Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Millionaire Shortbread

Self-Indulgent Wish List

The 'Miami Clutch'

I completely love this bag.

It's hard to tell size here, i reckon it is about A4 size though? maybe a bit bigger.

From Jigsaw.

I would clutch onto this one ALL night long.

Red Plaid Poncho

Isn't this lovely? i REALLY would like it a lot.

[this model is a little misery isn't she?]

Chestnut Skimmers

You will be nice with a summer skirt? Yes.

Burnt Orange and Green Stripes

There is something i really like about this colour combination

Grey Crocodile

I want this cardi quite a bit, and its not even that special, i think its croc fever...

Indian Summer

I am very very drawn to this colourful number, i think i may have to have it...

Leather Gloves

I am always on the charity hunt for the perfect pair, these are quite good mind, lovely arrows..

Bavarian Dream Cape

It may not be the season, but it is almost always the time for a piece of glory like this.

Tartan Bag [with Thermos]

Incredible, picnic time is definitely upon us.

For more treats of a similar nature see these treasure coves:

Dewberry Vintage + Put on That Dress + Collected Stories: Tales of the Past

This was a totally self indulgent wish list,
there was SO much more to put up, this isn't even the half of it.

i felt it may become a little tireseome to read, as it could have been endless,

so i will pop more treausre on the end of more interesting blogs, perhaps.

On The Earburner: The Black Cloud