Monday, 19 July 2010

i am away for a while
it's festival season, and i am working the chocstar van
so treasure hunting will be hit and miss for the next few weeks.
and i am likely to return looking similar to the above
which, to be perfectly honest, suits just fine

On the Earburner : Recommendations, Old Favourites and Music in Grassy Surroundings

oh and i saw these guys while working at lovebox
a welcome distraction from all the rank loveless orange tarts

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I don't wear a lot of t-shirts, as i don't wear a lot of black denim
but if i took to it, i would also take a couple of these

nice website

Sarah Bernhard

Serena Biagini

Armelle Bouret

Mylene Bressan

Amelie Chassery

Celine Fernbach

Snjezana Josipovic

Isabella Lutsker

Violet Niebla

Isabel Royet-Journoud

Brooke Shaden

Annie Stephens

Meryem Yildiz

an impressive collection of female photographers
(whether the specificity of categorization is justified i will leave to you)

this is just some (not all) of the images that pleased me
my strength of selection wasn't so powerful this afternoon
so i leave it up to you to have a browse

i feel a bit distracted

note: re-written to feature photographs

Earburner: The Radio, a very understated pleasure

Gordon Magnin

Cut and Paste

On the Earburner :
what colour are his eyes?

a handful of problem/self deprecating/amusing comment feeds (specific)
(the best thing is that most of these aren't funny at all)

'the great unwashed' are an unusual specimen but boy do they like to talk about their lives and moan.
Largely these are quite beige but occasionally you find something real golden in the midst

are you bored enough?

On the Earburner : Frank Black

Rituals - Josh Bartky's photographic archive project about just that

(through this i also found Bobby Doherty's blog -

On the Earburner :
Jessica Lea Mayfield - With Blasphemy so Heartfelt

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Unloved

Samantha Morton's directorial debut

Suitably thought-provoking
for a quiet Monday evening

did you guys see this?

i forgot all about it

some brilliant 'lads' i know showed it to me a while back a bit after truelad was getting hyped

time for a lad revival?

note from the treasurer

a sincere apology for my lack of imagery recently

(my computer has lost it's marbles and saving attractive images to her desktop is a thing she only dreams of)

check this out yes yes yeah?

Earburner: Buffalo Killers

my good friend mark sent me this today to play with,

i think you might like to try it too

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

well i may have been a little distracted of late

some good things i have found

gig gig gig gig gig gig gig gig

the black keys
band of skulls
the whigs (go see them live - as big as possible)
i especially like this song, and this one - spotify for better quality

chorizo scotch eggs in the afternoon

being excited about the opening of the sassoon gallery by the lovely vents

red stripe and intended, rarely executed, naps

world cup fever - pass the dutch

staying in peckingham palace another year - winning