Friday, 30 October 2009

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Really, really, really like him.

the layout of his website is great too.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

On the Lifeburner: Fool by Cat Power

It has been 6 years since i laid my hands on You are Free,

and i STILL can not get over it

i STILL listen to it all the time

especially this track

Click on it, because its really silly.

I have always loved native american headresses

and i have plans to create one ALL IN BLACK

Black Feathers
Black Tassles
Black Sparkles
Black everything,
(With possible gold touches)

I am so excited to get started when i get some cash

It is going to be SO good, hopefully.

1930's Paris

That is where i would most like to potter today,

Thanks mostly to this tv series.

On the Earburner: Top Hits of the 1930s


bloody exciting new collective wonder.
Casual Poison
Males featuring,
the butcher from Borough Market and other tales
Borough Markets delights in general
Gallery sitting
Edgar Allen Poe's Balloon myth
The wonder of the blind organ player with the Nan's roast
at The Montague

Friday, 23 October 2009

Olden Haze


My vintage photography enthusiasm is reasonably clear,
and as such people often recommend bits to me.

Laura, an incredible femme,
pointed me in the direction of that today, and as suggested i sure did like it.

as such I
decided a little nod to the olds was in order, so here are a couple of other gems

50s Patio Party

as with many vintage photographs i find the appeal less about the technical, more about subjects and ideals

I would definitely NOT mind slow dancing awkwardly with a boy at a patio party,
not enough awkward dances with crushes happen any more

Animal Values

Duck in a tub, a ha

A classic image, but delightful

If i was in a girl band (please) then i would love a shot like this.

Though you see hundreds of images like this i find each one fascinating for faces and details.

Images found HERE

On the Earburner : LAST FM revival
(muddled with The constant sounds of the peckham builder with a devilish penchant for smashing EVERYTHING)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

'Tis not only the pumpkin with lantern potential,
so i have decided to get crafting.

I look forward to the green squashes most.

Tried the tiny ones out this eve,

(believing myself to have come up with a truly lovely inspiration in the shape of mini lanterns)

however, technical errors with sizes and tea lights stood in my way


We ate them instead,

simple and delicious

roasted squash is the perfect autumnal evening snack


Band/s you may like to treasure,
I am beginning to.

Woods . Woods Family Band

this video is just good fun really

Woods Family Creeps

last fm

(free track to download there)

Surfer Blood

I am charmed, really.


i found these through the forkcast

The Drums

Surfer Blood's (Myspace) Pals

their myspace

These guys are real good pop-ish fun.


i am a touch late.slow on the uptake with bands nowadays,
so this may be very old or uncool news,
but i reckon its good news nonetheless

Sexy people

This blog is GREAT.

I completely stole it from

but i thought i would share it because its sexy, very sexy.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My First Music Video

I made this when in my first (third of five, technically) year of university,

I just found it, thought i could share it

Its pretty quaint, There is so much i would change now,
but we did do the whole thing in two days so i guess we deserve some credit

ha ha

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Looking for a nice photograph of Devendra,
I stumbled upon this face snapper.

Lovely shots

Devendra Banhart - What Will We Be

New Album, Lovely.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Red Drapes

This is the band of two of my favourite people in the entire world,
with the help of a couple of other treasures.

They just started a blog,
so this is a nod to their blog

They are working so hard at their dream, and I love that, and them.

looks pretty good too i reckon.

last fm

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Marc Isaacs : Lift

Francis, a delightful friend of mine, highlighted this on his book of faces a while back,

i just watched the whole thing.

Its really great, seriously.


have some great short films,

go look at their youtube channel.

Phillip Van:

Jamie Thraves: I Just Want to Kiss You

Those two are both quite amusing,
i am not in love, but sure i am amused.

i have a lot more exploring to do.

expect a few of these to crop up soon.

I am so interested in creating short films at the moment,

i have several ideas

All i need now is a video camera, and some willing participants

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I was OBVIOUSLY going to adore these

Left PIllow : Here you will dream of endless kissing

Right Pillow : Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence

They have been a wonderful wallpaper on my appletree for a couple'weeks.

I think about the (right pillow) statement a lot

She writes perfectly to my tastes


(HA. the entrance page)


This leads me on nicely to an age old project

i only just discovered this

wish i had known about,

SO you should read all about it,

Look at as many of the project submissions as you can

i like ones like

- take a photograph of a scar and write about it

- recreate a poster you had as a teenager

- Make the saddest song

- Cover the song "don't dream it's over"

- Make an exhibition of the art in your parents house
(i think that is a genuinely inspiring idea on several levels)

- Make an educational public plaque


after a day of listening to a lot of my fathers,
that is my best piece of advice for you for this one.


Personal P.S

When i wasn't doing this i spent a little time with a wee one today

Dylan is totally cute,

and i really don't use that word lightly

I taught him to take a photograph

(bare baby Eggleston)

(lets hang out?)

Yvan Rodic



I don't love ALL his photo's
these few appeal to me
i think it is about the subject more for me with him.

the face hunts are good inspiration