Friday, 27 March 2009

this is going to be amazing
that is all

good afternoon.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Paraplegic Font

I was looking at fonts for making a poster and i found this one

i think it is just incredible

not very appropriate for a village hall club poster, but great nonetheless.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

August Sander

As per usual when it comes to things i really like, i struggled selecting favourites,
i am still not sure i have picked them, but these are highlights.

I should have done this earlier.
I adore the work of his i have seen.

You should read all about Sander,

"His portraits were banned during Nazi reign as they did not adhere to the ideal Aryan type"

The photos and information were found here

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Natasha Khan/Bat for Lashes

I have just been distracted from my textual analysis of a spanking magazine by this interview,

and i am glad, its quite lovely i reckon.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

twit twoooo

this reminds me of the bag i love

woolly underwear

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing

i would wear these to bed, but probably with pants underneath otherwise they might be a bit mental.

They are great, the $98 price tag is not.

maybe i will make myself some, just in time for summer eh?

John Carling

Scout Niblett

Oh my days these are charming,

i would love a Landowl for a pet.

Etsy John Carling, he may have a name that reminds me of cheap lager/water but he draws a lovely picture

i struggled to pick favourites as i liked almost all of them.

The Boy and his Best have recently begun putting on a thing called LOGJAM.

It is a night where anyone musically inclined [or even not] can come along
pick up an instrument and play in what is essentially a night long 'jam',
it sounds wierd but works amazingly

they also have pens and paper all over the tables in the bar for you to draw/create.
and some of the local illustrators/artists come along and make interesting things.

this came from my collection of scribbles last time.

It is a really great night, i have really enjoyed the 2 so far.

I just linked the LOGBLOG right there --->

They have just put up a LOG-CAST

You can hear the both of them chattering on (much to their own amusement)
mixed in with tracks that were made during the last LOGJAM

There is also a video of the massive musical orgy that occurred at the end.
[in which i feature briefly with a tamborine]



i have been given the chance to put on an afternoon at my friends bar,
selling Jumble/Bric-a-Brac (like old china and dresses and treasure, essentially)
Cakes, Books, Tea, and maybe some crafty bits.

I am very excited, and have decided to use that name [THE VILLAGE HALL CLUB] as my promotional name.

Ed, THE BLACK CLOUD, is going to help me and spin some records, should be just swell.

I feel a little inspired,
hopefully this means i can start to put on jumbly crafty things about the place, maybe,
and try and do more things and get out of the house.

I won't have a dissertation forever.

Wake N' Bacon

Wake up and [literally] smell the bacon.

This man is sort of a genius, but mainly because of this

I was just having a little look at some videos on Youtube.

And i found this young lady robot.

She is kind of amazing, but absolutely terrifying

Friday, 20 March 2009

Soundtrack to Sunshine Friday

Phosphorescent : To My Willie

just perfect

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Millionaire Shortbread

Self-Indulgent Wish List

The 'Miami Clutch'

I completely love this bag.

It's hard to tell size here, i reckon it is about A4 size though? maybe a bit bigger.

From Jigsaw.

I would clutch onto this one ALL night long.

Red Plaid Poncho

Isn't this lovely? i REALLY would like it a lot.

[this model is a little misery isn't she?]

Chestnut Skimmers

You will be nice with a summer skirt? Yes.

Burnt Orange and Green Stripes

There is something i really like about this colour combination

Grey Crocodile

I want this cardi quite a bit, and its not even that special, i think its croc fever...

Indian Summer

I am very very drawn to this colourful number, i think i may have to have it...

Leather Gloves

I am always on the charity hunt for the perfect pair, these are quite good mind, lovely arrows..

Bavarian Dream Cape

It may not be the season, but it is almost always the time for a piece of glory like this.

Tartan Bag [with Thermos]

Incredible, picnic time is definitely upon us.

For more treats of a similar nature see these treasure coves:

Dewberry Vintage + Put on That Dress + Collected Stories: Tales of the Past

This was a totally self indulgent wish list,
there was SO much more to put up, this isn't even the half of it.

i felt it may become a little tireseome to read, as it could have been endless,

so i will pop more treausre on the end of more interesting blogs, perhaps.

On The Earburner: The Black Cloud

Saturday, 14 March 2009


i should be doing other things,
so predictably this means i have spent a reasonable amount of time
this Saturday afternoon NOT doing them.

Here are a bundle of treats i found as a result.

Orla Kiely

(without lampshade/hat)

more yellow please, aren't these so sweet?

go here for more,

Amy Kligman

have a gander here

Erin Tyner

Hoy Fashion Blog

Above i have 'grabbed' the bits i liked from a couple of photos on the Hoy Fashion Blog.


Though i am frequently saying that i am not able to claim any real dedication of fashion,
[Such that i am not likely to pour myself into a pair of spandex leggings because moss/chung have
but do appreciate a nice bit of cloth and buttons]

i am strangely drawn to street style.
I think it comes from a mere fascination with the way real people put things together,
and what it reflects in them, and in times of wardrobe despair it provides a little inspiration.

However, i trawled through quite a few, in true time wasting fashion, and i really struggled to find anything good. at all.

On the EarBurner: The Daily Sounds of Milton Road


Saw the film Milk last night at our new 'film club'

I though it was really very good.

It has been making me think all day,
which in my eyes is the best thing a movie can do for you.

It is about Harvey Milk (played by Sean Penn),
An incredible man who fought till the bitter end for what he believed in. equality.

A Gay rights activist and politician in San Francisco,

the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California,

The film was directed by Gus Van Sant, and featured a good cast of male actors,
(including James Franco, Emile Hirsch & Diego Luna)

I, clearly, really recommend you see it.