Monday, 28 February 2011

Brief Earburner

Kurt Vile, Lovely

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Continued Saga of an Amateur Photographer #1-5 1993
Positive paper contact prints
made from the original paper negative
taken & processed using the toilet of a London to Brighton train

really taken by circular visions

Oh, Roald Dahl

the rule

lipstick on a pig,
don't bother with the lipstick

lipstick on a stone cold hunk

n.b apologies for 'mindless boy talk'

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

"As part of the Crochet Coral Reef project the IFF has constructed a Bleached Reef, a handicrafted invocation of what happens to coral reefs under environmental stress. Most of the forms in this reef are crocheted from varying shades of white and cream, mimicking the effect of actual coral bleaching. Corals acquire their colors from microscopic zooaxanthellae that live within the polyps - these symbiotic organisms help the polyps feed. When corals get stressed by environmental toxins, or by rising water temperatures, the polyps expel the micro-organisms, leading to the washed out look known as "bleaching." Polyps can survive for a short time in the absence of zooaxanthellae, but not over the long term. A healthy reef ecology is a co-operative one and in the long term the corals need the microorganisms to survive. Over the past decade reefs around the world have been subject to an increasing number of major bleaching events, suggesting that rising water temperatures are taking a heavy toll."

Fascinating, Informative and Beautiful
The best sort of projects always are

On the Eyeburner : Apartmento

Christie Aschwanden
photographs by Andrew Perris

beautiful, it's true

On the Earburner : Bob Dylan - Love Sick

Saturday, 19 February 2011


I don't really know how to continue to "protect" you from this information, which is not new and has been out there for a long time. But I can say that some of your past reactions to the details of my life have colored my willingness to continue to share those details with you. I take responsibility for my side of that; it has been a default choice on and off to include only information that i know will go over without an emotional explosion-it's exhausting for me to be constantly teetering on the edge of disappointment. I'm sure the denial is equally exhausting to you. As a result, it's frequently been easier not to reveal all things to you. In the past, the negative reactions involved (often to any change, big or small) have included fear, skepticism, and anxiety-in lieu of things like acceptance, or a willingness to try to understand, or to be happy because i am happy and able to be myself in the world. Life is short, and who knows how much of it is left at any given time. You raised me to be strong and smart enough to know and be myself. Not to live a half life.

Excerpt from 'So There's This Man - What is it like for people to insist you're something you're not by T Cooper' from magazine - The Believer - Seventy Eighth Issue : Bruiser

perhaps better understood within the context of the entire feature,
the chosen excerpt struck a personal chord about parental relations and expectation


n.b something about this really gets me

Thursday, 17 February 2011

On the Earburner : Cockers Parisian Sunday Service

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

occasionally photographers cripple my critical faculty
as such here is a mountain of photos
amongst that some photos of mountains

Alex Turvey

wonderful eroticakes

not so much the song for me
a little passe,
classic ash casual sounds

i have mentioned him before,
but lately i notice it's natural with favourite's

On the Mouthburner : Lapsang Souchong