Saturday, 14 March 2009


i should be doing other things,
so predictably this means i have spent a reasonable amount of time
this Saturday afternoon NOT doing them.

Here are a bundle of treats i found as a result.

Orla Kiely

(without lampshade/hat)

more yellow please, aren't these so sweet?

go here for more,

Amy Kligman

have a gander here

Erin Tyner

Hoy Fashion Blog

Above i have 'grabbed' the bits i liked from a couple of photos on the Hoy Fashion Blog.


Though i am frequently saying that i am not able to claim any real dedication of fashion,
[Such that i am not likely to pour myself into a pair of spandex leggings because moss/chung have
but do appreciate a nice bit of cloth and buttons]

i am strangely drawn to street style.
I think it comes from a mere fascination with the way real people put things together,
and what it reflects in them, and in times of wardrobe despair it provides a little inspiration.

However, i trawled through quite a few, in true time wasting fashion, and i really struggled to find anything good. at all.

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