Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Daniel Johnston

supported by

Laura Marling
The Wave Pictures


Union Chapel

Last night

Close to perfect,
seriously charming.

The Wave Pictures were a delight,
I liked the simplicity of their lyrics, and the coming and going of other musicians
and the Surf-ish guitar

I wasn't sure how much i would like Laura live, though i do like her songs,
she was really very good, lovely tones and very gracious and lyrically eloquent for her age,
I definitely DID like her.

Ah Daniel,

I often find it a bit emotional, which did happen a touch, what with the shakes, and the fragile lyrics,
However, it was also a lot of fun, he was joined by a few other musicians,
for quite a while by the Wave Pictures, which made it all a bit more upbeat.

He is really quite funny.
I liked his 'dream', that went something like...

""I had a dream last night and a man was in court sentenced to death for attempting suicide,
and then i realised the man was me and I was at the back of the courtroom screaming NOOOOOO"

He got a well deserved standing ovation from the lowers.