Friday, 23 October 2009

Olden Haze


My vintage photography enthusiasm is reasonably clear,
and as such people often recommend bits to me.

Laura, an incredible femme,
pointed me in the direction of that today, and as suggested i sure did like it.

as such I
decided a little nod to the olds was in order, so here are a couple of other gems

50s Patio Party

as with many vintage photographs i find the appeal less about the technical, more about subjects and ideals

I would definitely NOT mind slow dancing awkwardly with a boy at a patio party,
not enough awkward dances with crushes happen any more

Animal Values

Duck in a tub, a ha

A classic image, but delightful

If i was in a girl band (please) then i would love a shot like this.

Though you see hundreds of images like this i find each one fascinating for faces and details.

Images found HERE

On the Earburner : LAST FM revival
(muddled with The constant sounds of the peckham builder with a devilish penchant for smashing EVERYTHING)