Saturday, 17 October 2009

I was OBVIOUSLY going to adore these

Left PIllow : Here you will dream of endless kissing

Right Pillow : Here you will dream of people you admire exposing your fraudulence

They have been a wonderful wallpaper on my appletree for a couple'weeks.

I think about the (right pillow) statement a lot

She writes perfectly to my tastes


(HA. the entrance page)


This leads me on nicely to an age old project

i only just discovered this

wish i had known about,

SO you should read all about it,

Look at as many of the project submissions as you can

i like ones like

- take a photograph of a scar and write about it

- recreate a poster you had as a teenager

- Make the saddest song

- Cover the song "don't dream it's over"

- Make an exhibition of the art in your parents house
(i think that is a genuinely inspiring idea on several levels)

- Make an educational public plaque


after a day of listening to a lot of my fathers,
that is my best piece of advice for you for this one.


Personal P.S

When i wasn't doing this i spent a little time with a wee one today

Dylan is totally cute,

and i really don't use that word lightly

I taught him to take a photograph

(bare baby Eggleston)