Thursday, 24 September 2009

A Nod to the Treasure Makers.

Laura's culinary adventures, recently rekindled upon Jaimie and her's personal endeavor for mere waif-dom.
An inspiring lady whose role in the underground restaurant movement inspires me, and whose writing i find at times slightly scathing, still highly charming.
Sara's photography blog, top bird, hot shots.
Rachael's beautiful blog, that never fails to impress me, stuffed with amazing photographers, high fashion and the such.

Her recent nod to Philip Toledano's "days with my father" made me more than a bit emotional.

She has a keen eye for perfection.
Southern Label, Articles and Information
Aaron's artistic personal portfolio, great work
Log Blog, in accordance with the southampton based Log Jam a brilliant night ran by two bearded wanders, that sees live improvised music and freestyle drawing entertain the masses monthly.

This blog documents these nights, with mp3's and galleries.
Lucy Swan's lovely photography work, featuring her beautiful twin, and the stunning Alice.
Megan's changing the world step by step, and this is her space to document it, my own favourite eco warrior, with a keen habit of eating food for less than 2 pounds a day.
The lovely Edwards' blog, not updated for a while, but awash with top mp3's and unusual imagery.
Billy's Blog/Website for his delightful Illustration
These women, a pair of best friends, produced something i loved, the 3191 of mornings/evenings,
after moving 3191 miles apart they both took a photo every morning/evening and then published them next to each other to document their activities that evening, there are beautiful moment of synchronicity, and opposition.
An idea i wish i had had for my estranged bests.

Keep on Blogging
I plan to expand this list