Monday, 31 August 2009

Found upon a southern pavement.

Little Dorit - Monologue Classical

If you like, Maggie I Shall tell you a story, and as you wish it will be about a princess and she had everything she could wish for and a great deal more. Listen, now near the palace there was a cottage in which lived a poor little tiny woman, all alone. Quite a young woman and one day the princess stopped at the cottage and said to the tiny woman let me see what you keep their and the tiny woman opened a very secret place and showed the princess a shadow. It was the shadow of someone who had gone by many years ago. "and you keep watch over this every single day?" said the princess. "yes" said the tiny woman "because no one so good or so kind had ever passed that way ever since." The Princess realised that all of her gold and silver, diamonds and rubbies, she had nothing so precious to her as that shadow was to that tiny woman. Thats the end of the story Maggie.

Anon author

Intentionally un-edited.