Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Self Indulgent Spring/Summer Wish list

(Etsy Hunting)

TOP of the POPS

In it for the fabric

spring cadette?

snow white spring

Ivory Nights

Courtesy of Doux Vintage

Vintage shop,
Beautifully Select pieces.

LaVictoire : summer nights

kissfromana : delicately delightful


floral romper, not amazing but admirable.

floral romper 2 : much closer to perfectly purse worthy (SALE = MINE)

floral romper 3 : Lovely Fabric again, i think this might need to end.

Obviously the legs would come right off up to the mid thigh,
i do NOT want to look like Jumping Jack Flash

Final Floral : Charmed

I know it is almost June which would indicate Summer's arrival for many
Nevertheless i can't help feeling i have only just arrived at my own Spring.

I am only just beginning to awake from my Gothic winter to the cloth possibility of pale greys, beautiful florals, and feminine silks.
Though i may have dreamed of them through the previous months it is only now, through a barrier of empty purses, that i am beginning to gather a small collection and plan its expansion.

On The Earburner: Edith Piaf