Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Mixed Bag

I am just going to pop up a few bits and bobs that i am interested in or by,
keep this littl'un going.



Check out the track "Find Your Mark"

They have a sort of barbershop harmony going on with their vocals at times.
I am just finding them out, but am keen to learn more at the minute.

Polly Jean Harvey

Since i was about 16 this woman has been of dear importance
to me and my musical inclination,
However, it had become a given and i may have over-looked her of late.
Rather predictably the affection with Nick Cave has bought around a slight revival.
Track to engage my attention the most has been the late "White Chalk"
The lyrics " white chalk hills will rot my bones" really stirs inside me for some reason.

It is not my favourite, that would be hard to find,

Etsy Hunting

I frequently look upon this website for pockets of treasure,
here are a couple of highlights.

the yumi yumi shop

she has some really sweet prints, take a peek
those were just a couple i liked.


some lovely bits and pieces here,
i have always had a soft spot for attractive ephemera of the paper kind.
they have ALOT of really nice bits and pieces, not just paper.


these are just charming.

Cloth and Surface


the bag + shoes are not of interest, everything else it TOP

appealing outfit + i even like her french fringe


layers, layers, layers, lovely.

tweed beard.

Facial Features.

i need not say anything right? gosh.

my fashion interest/sense is low
these images all hold a little something that appeals to my senses
and were borrowed admiringly, yet again, from The Satorialist

On The Ear Burner: My intended list for the Black Cloud