Sunday, 22 March 2009


The Boy and his Best have recently begun putting on a thing called LOGJAM.

It is a night where anyone musically inclined [or even not] can come along
pick up an instrument and play in what is essentially a night long 'jam',
it sounds wierd but works amazingly

they also have pens and paper all over the tables in the bar for you to draw/create.
and some of the local illustrators/artists come along and make interesting things.

this came from my collection of scribbles last time.

It is a really great night, i have really enjoyed the 2 so far.

I just linked the LOGBLOG right there --->

They have just put up a LOG-CAST

You can hear the both of them chattering on (much to their own amusement)
mixed in with tracks that were made during the last LOGJAM

There is also a video of the massive musical orgy that occurred at the end.
[in which i feature briefly with a tamborine]