Monday, 2 February 2009

a musical note

take-away shows

a dear friend of mine told me about this, when i was indicating to him to have a look at the black cab sessions, as mumbled earlier.
click on the link to see a site that is currently under gleeful exploration by myself, a true delight.

the same friend invited me to this site

(post-insistent request)

It is a truly dazzling invention,
you download this programme to your computer,
(which has a dark likeness to i-tunes, visually)

type in band, it searches
and it comes up with lots of results (hopefully)


you can listen to what you would like
(most of it, the more obscure bands, are a little limited)

make little playlists, if you like,

save them and listen to them over and over and over, its like a big playable library

you DO have to be invited, unless you want to pay, so be nice.