Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Procrastinating from my final year today i came up with

A few YES PLEASES of the Day:


The Edge of (Florals) Love

I watched The Edge of Love, not an amazing film, in my post-party drinks day yesterday,
and it reminded me what my gothic winter had made me forsake.
The floaty fabrics, the floral dresses and the chunky knits.

I also watched the Diary of Anne Frank on the BBC last week, and thought it was a great production, loved it in fact.
Very well done, and provoked and urge for a re-thumb of the old book... if i can find it.

And, without wanting to be insensitive to the topic, the clothing from that was equally pleasing.
Though this feels a little distracted from the point of the programme...

I feel a WW2 era clothing revival coming along VERY nicely.

Yes, perhaps 2:

Designer: Obedient Sons & Daughters

Their 2008 A/W collection was dark and tailored

and Their 2009 S/S collection is pale and quite interesting

All images were borrowed for the evening from their really delightful WEBSITE


A Black and White Patent Leather Brogue
(allegedly from office for £60 - though searching their website up and down proved nothing)

Featured in ELLE this month page 54


some of thoes tassly/peasanty boots.
These are pretty nice ones.


some ladies heels


some nice black boots, VERY hard to find for a shoe critic of the highest order.

Yes, yes please to all of the above.


Listening to : Camera Obscura : Underachievers Please Try Harder
( a nice revival from my youth)