Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Wonders to start.

I have found this selection of treasures to begin.
The beginning of the detangling of things that bring delight.

Here lie a few:

On of my favourite half hours / and exhibitions / of the season so far was the David Hockney : Brother's Grimm Etchings
If you can get to see it somewhere around, i reckon there isn't a reason around not to.

Here lie two friends who, after moving 3191 miles apart in 2007, decided to take a photo of a part of every morning / now evening / and post them together on this blog. It is a beautiful collection of photographs, and a wonderful sentiment.GO. SEE.

Just a note of the cat and mouse illustrator who i think make a lovely image.

This site is http://www.mine.uk.com, and the clothes and the models look really sweet and elegant, with delightful dos.
One of the early collection with the lady with dark hair is a thing i especially like to just gaze at and admire.

Other times have been spent:

Admiring The Treasure Chest
Dreaming of getting the Fortnum & Mason's £25,000 Snow Queen Hamper under the tree.
The Hambledon
Vintage Creme/Pale Tan Lace
Planning our Evening Meals
Black Cloth Hearts w/ Gothic Winters
Being Sad about the End of Amelia's Magazine
Memories of a Birthday Week
Bonne Maman Jam on Danish White
The Evening of the Broken Sewing Machine/Heart
Wandering about Co-Habiting
The F-ing Book.
Elaborate Old Fashioned Pencil Drawings
Allowing myself to actually finish my two most favoured books of late, without being sad to leave their world.
Christmas Candles
Surface Value Fashion Blogs
Dreaming of the February Fjords.

On the Earburner : Visiter by The Dodo's