Monday, 8 December 2008

Honey is Funny

Incredible posters and for SUCH good bands.

I met this guy at ATP festival about 2 years ago and was very impressed, they look even better in the print.

The Bonnie Prince Billy Poster with the two bears on is my FAVOURITE
-5th in on the top row-

Sadly this wouldn't save as the right sort of file to pop up the picture.

(this ones nice though)
Check out his Flickr :

I also recommend highly the band posters for :

- Erase Errata (with flower and bee)
- Low (lighthouse)
- Scout Niblett (numerous ones)
- Wife (cake)
- Pissed Jeans
- Qui (painted house)

to be honest i could go on listing selectively for too long without enough critical thought,
fan's have a way of doing this.