Friday, 12 December 2008

Florence Broadhurst

"a textile designer. she combined hints of the orient with europe’s
1930s-style modernism. her patterns, with shiny surface and
sophisticated, very vibrant motifs are extremely elegant.
she fused english floral patterns with splashes and swirls,
bamboo and willow, kangaroos and peacocks...

I adore her work.
Both the simple black and white outline work
and the coloured pattern work are very agreeable in my eyes.

This leads me well onto the work of an up and coming designer i am growing fond of for similar reaons,
i assume.

Abigail Borg

She is an up and coming surface patter designer (a recent graduate of Leeds) that has recently caught my eye.
I think her work is really nice quality,
it seems to draw on influences from vintage patterns, and her floral prints have a William Morris feel about them.